“An end-time expression of God’s love in the Earth”

The Lawson-Perry Foundation was founded out of love and honor for God and what matters the absolute most to God and that’s people.

We are committed to lead the charge of change through financial assistance, counseling, mentorship and community outreach.

Founded on excellence, wisdom, and compassion, The Lawson-Perry Foundation equips the marginalized, hurting, and lost by blazing a path to success through hope and grace. Through discretion, honor, and integrity, our foundation will change the scope of humanity by offering access to basic human necessities free from the burden of shame and lack.

Meet Our Board Members

Founder & President, Deja Lawson

Deja Lawson is a published author, business owner, retired Army veteran, Jesus-lover and a devoted wife to her loving husband, Damarkus Lawson. Her favorite role and title is “Mom”. Damarkus and Deja share two children, Quaniya and Quamari. President Lawson has always had an intense love and care for people. Her love for people went to a new level when she discovered that everything that God created, even the death of His Son, Jesus, was all for the love that God had for people. Intent on loving and honoring what mattered most to God, President Lawson sought ways to bring God’s love and care for people in a tangible outlet. The birth of Lawson-Perry Foundation came from these Words from the Holy Spirit, “End time expression of My love in the Earth.” Throughout Jesus’ earthly ministry, He always had compassion on those who were overlooked, marginalized, and discarded. He met needs without prejudice or performance. We are Jesus’ hands and feet in the Earth, and under the same grace and wisdom that guided Jesus, President Lawson and officers of the Board will honor and serve those that are assigned to them.

Vice President & Treasurer, Damarkus Lawson

Damarkus Lawson’s innate ability to see a problem and change it represents the heart of Lawson-Perry Foundation. VP Lawson is a graduate of Jacksonville State University with a double engineering degree in both Manufacturing and Electronics Engineering. From a young age, VP Lawson has always been a compassionate, gentle giant that sought to meet and fix areas of need in any environment he encountered. His love for God and people began at a young age through volunteering within his community. Now as a husband, and father, VP Lawson understands the value of people and the priority of needed resources. He also understands that the resources to meet those needs aren’t always easy to come by. As a result, he and his wife, President Deja Lawson, joined forces with God to bring light to a dark place and tangible help to those who need it most. VP Lawson never sees a challenge; just opportunities for God to show Himself strong on his and his family’s behalf.

Secretary, Tyqueisha Thiam

Tyqueisha Thiam is the epitome of care and compassion. She embodies the Lawson-Perry Foundation’s heart of giving! Secretary Thiam is an Independent Sales Representative where she currently serves as a District leader within her company. Her passion for helping people led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Consumer Sciences with a concentration in Consumer Affairs at The University of Alabama. She does not only serve as a leader within her community, but in every arena that she encounters. She works as a Student Leader at Russell Hall on her campus. Secretary Thiam is a loving wife and phenomenal mother and is currently working as a Financial Advisor to help families get the protection they need at a price that they can afford, invest for the future, and get out of debt.

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